Final PSA Project 6/10/16

Since I’ve been so stressed about the final year and preparing for college, I felt I was expert enough to make an encouraging PSA about college. I wanted to easy people’s worries about moving on to college and in a sense easy my own worries. I decided to shot an angle of Giac looking up to indicate he’s in control of his future, and looking forward to it. The angle makes him look dominate and not scared of college. Shaq is in mid walk, indicting he is on his “next step” towards his future, which is college. I used college facts that were interesting to me like, “Earning a masters or doctorate degree could increase lifetime earning by 300%”. I used quotes that inspired me, Van Gogh’s being my most influential. “if you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”-Van Gogh. Then I included tips to making the college process easier. This project was not so difficult for me, I FINALLY mastered vectoring in photoshop, and I am satisfied with the results.


College Statistics/ Encouraging Quotes

The annual household income of 4.5 percent of undergrads is at least $160,000.

The annual family income of more than 47 percent of undergraduates is less than $40,000.

  • Earning a Master’s or Doctorate Degree could increase lifetime earnings more than 300%
Get involved on campus. All the knowledge in the world won’t help you if you come out of college with no experience or professional relationships.
Learn to do your taxes and your FAFSA yourself
Get a credit card, and make all your month’s purchases on it up to 20% of the card’s balance.
  1. If your school offers a position that helps with summer orientation for incoming students, apply for it. This kind of job will build your confidence and communication skills like none other.
  2. use an active study method such as making flashcards or writing your own quizzes.
  3. Getting a tutor
  4. You need a calendar.
  5. connect with your school’s career center
  6. Be confident, get out of your comfort zone
5/24/16 PHOTOS


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5/20/16 PSA Proposal

PSA one will be the blue background with the woman as center. This PSA is sponsored by Cannes Lions which is an advertising company. The subject matter is unfair treatment in the work place. Woman getting unfair treatment and pay has been an issue for a while in America and this PSA is exposing that using an anecdote. I’m not sure if the story is true but this woman has been working in her field for seven years and is not where she should be. I chose this PSA because it captured my attention by making the person center, boxing the information and placing it in front as if hanging on the person, and placing the PSA on a solid background with contrasting color with the shirt. It’s simple, informational and appealing. In my future career this PSA may concern me, considering I’m going in OT and may need to prove myself and compete with men.

PSA two is about smoking cigarettes. The advertising website is . The technique used can be considered as disgust, maybe shock. One would assume the person smoking is appealing, considering the lipstick, the shock comes when you see the cigarette ends in her mouth as to indicate how many cigarettes she’d consumed. Everyone knows you shouldn’t eat cigarettes and the cigarette she is smoking is backwards. This PSA is appealing because it’s simple, the bold red captures your attention which ties you to the message. In opinion the PSA is not effective, you have to analyse the PSA before you get the full message, PSA should be straight forward and informational. This PSA effects me to an extent to keep me from smoking, but since I don’t smoke it has little effect.

PSA three focuses on the subject of early/teen pregnancy. The sponsor is The technique used in this PSA is statistics, and it appeals to pathos. The message is to wait to have children. Too many teens have children they cannot take care of and this PSA is encouraging them to think about their choices and how it effects the child. One statistic in this PSA explains the child of a teen is most likely to not graduate high school. This PSA is effective because it stirs emotions in teens who are having sex, they wouldn’t intentionally hurt their future children. This ad effects me because I love children and knowing having a child at an early age can harm the child, i won’t do it. Also the first quote says having a child after high school, a career and getting married would increase chances of not living in poverty, I obviously don’t want to live in poverty, so I’ll wait to have kids.


I want to do a PSA about high school students going to college, what they can do for scholarships and tips on their journey. I will use statistics about college, tuition and scholarships and common tips, encouraging messages. My target audience is high school graduates going to college and potentially their parents. I plan to take photos of students, maybe with book bags on to indicate they are in school, maybe someone dressed “nice” and I want to do a fore shorting photo where the camera is looking up from the “ground” as to make the student look powerful. The common aspects of each of my sketches will be A solid background, the same colors in text and background, the positioning of the subject matter (student) and the font of the texts.